Ask the Buyer

We are inviting local healthcare businesses to attend a free event where they can ask senior NHS buyers questions about supplying goods and services into the NHS.

‘Ask the Buyer’ will present the opportunity to meet and question NHS buyers from across the region, providing businesses with a unique and invaluable insight into NHS procurement.

The event aims to target companies developing or manufacturing products or services in the following areas: COPD, respiratory, cardiovascular, patient safety or digital healthcare – e.g. wearables, apps etc. Watch this video made by radio station Key 103, where our procurement advisor Nick Allen discusses what to expect from the event.

The event will also provide businesses with a platform to share their stories about accessing the NHS, which can help NHS buyers to better understand some of the major barriers companies face.

Simon Walsh, GM AHSN Strategic Procurement Advisor said:

“The Ask the Buyer event will provide a fantastic opportunity to share advice and guidance with local businesses on the supply of goods and services to the NHS. The event will also provide attendees with insight into purchasing and tendering in the NHS, including the process for becoming an NHS supplier.


“CMFT is committed to working with local businesses and suppliers. We are aware that businesses across Greater Manchester are some of the most innovative in the country, and we want to work with them to help improve services for our patients.”

The event will take place from 9.30am – 1.30pm on Tuesday 17th May at Citylabs, Ground Floor Seminar Suite, on Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9NQ.

To book your place at the event, please visit: