TITCH Innovation Workshop

National healthcare technology network, TITCH, are working with GM AHSN and CMFT to run an afternoon workshop on improving children's healthcare.

Held at Citylabs, on March 2nd, 2016, this workshop will follow on from a workshop held in Sheffield towards the end of last year, which discussed:

  • Enabling improved medical interventions through technology

  • Improved technology to aid with diagnostics

  • Enablement of better child friendly education around health awareness

  • Improved technology to help with self management of a condition

  • Holistic assessments of a child’s needs

TITCH is a national healthcare technology network that is dedicated to the development of technology solutions to help improve children's healthcare. This is achieved by focusing on the identification of areas of unmet need where new technology could have an impact for child health.

  • Work with children, parents, clinicians, industry and academics to help identify unmet need

  • Facilitate the evaluation of a device or technology through the expert network

  • Offer the opportunity for network collaboration in the development of new technologies

  • Facilitate the identification of early adopter sites which may have an interest in a specific new technology

The workshop will enable further exploration of these needs and promote suggestions about potential solutions. When registering for the workshop you will be invited to submit an unmet need in child health that you have identified. Register here to take part.

  • There will be the opportunity to form collaborations to access funding from Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network and Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

  • This event will be supported by Know Innovation who have a track record in facilitating innovative, ground breaking workshops.

  • For more information on TITCH please visit their website at or follow them on Twitter @titchinnovate