SBRI - Annual Review

The Small Business Research Initiative - SBRI Healthcare - launched their annual review at this year's NHS Expo. The report sets out the impact of the programme over the year but also provides a summary of the outcomes achieved in the period of the AHSN leadership (approx. four years).  It has been produced by the Eastern AHSN, which leads the SBRI initiative. 

The programme has been able to evidence a pipeline of over 100 co-developed products that matched NHS needs with over 20 being adopted and used in the NHS. These products are starting to impact patient care and the potential value to the NHS was independently evaluated by the Office of Health Economics with a value to the NHS of £1.5bn.  The economic impact of these investments are also showing potential with over 420 jobs created or safeguarded delivering an economic impact of over £33m for the UK economy.  When added to the private sector investment of £45m this shows the NHS funding has had real economic impact even at this early stage in the process.

Read the annual review.