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IP Essentials for Companies

IP Essentials for Companies (IPEC) is aimed at companies working, or seeking to work, with NHS organisations, in line with the GM AHSN’s focus on building relationships between the NHS and Industry with the aim of encouraging the development and uptake of innovation with healthcare benefits. Underlying innovation, there is usually some form of intellectual property (IP) and IPEC provides basic guidance on IP and related business matters that may be of relevance when working with the NHS.

IPEC should provide you with an understanding the value of IP and its role in collaborating with the NHS.

IPEC is divided into the following areas:

Intellectual Property (IP) – an overview of the different types of IP and forms of IP protection

Confidentiality – why confidentiality is important and how to protect valuable information with a confidentiality agreement

Branding and trade marks – why it is important and how to protect it

Agreements and IP – types of agreement and basics of managing contracts

Working with the NHS – what companies should know when working with the NHS

Funding – links to funding streams suitable for collaborative projects with the NHS and guidance on contractual requirements

IP and Legal Associates IP and Legal Associates

Associated topics Associated topics

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