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The challenges we face

Companies, especially SMEs, can face significant challenges to introduce their new and innovative products into the NHS. The complexity of public procurement, patient safety and a risk averse culture across multiple organisations can be daunting. The Innovation Nexus aims to provide a single source of resource that can help companies, particularly SMEs, understand the steps that need to be taken to support their business planning and engage with the NHS more easily, thus progressing the adoption of their innovation at pace and with fewer unanticipated obstacles.

a fully funded intensive support programme for life science SMEs working in Greater Manchester

How can the Innovation Nexus help me?

Speak directly to a GM AHSN advisor with NHS expertise

Help with navigating NHS procurement

Information about funding and investment

Help with setting up a trial of your innovation

Information on science parks and office locations

Connect you with relevant organisations


Free industry support from NHS experts

If you are a business with an innovative product or service that you believe has the potential to benefit the healthcare market, the Innovation Nexus can give you access a network of specialist advice and support.

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MIMIT FORUM: Innovation Opportunities

MIMIT (Manchester: Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology) is offering innovators a chance to work on solutions to REAL Clinical Needs Projects to be presented at this Forum:

  • Safer and more accurate ways to locate the trachea (windpipe) when inserting tracheostomy tubes
  • Helping people with a tracheostomy in place to speak
  • Circadian rhythm device to warm osteoarthritis joints and aid healing

This event is suitable for academics, front line clinical staff, innovators, students, technicians, designers and industry partners – all are welcome.

Join us for a buffet lunch and to hear about the projects from the clinicians, join in discussions to understand the needs and to form potential partnerships to develop solutions.

To register for the event please sign up here.

Date: 27 June 2017

Time: 12:00-13:45

Venue: Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, Room 1.22

Any questions contact: Alison Littlewood, MIMIT Head of Operations, alison.j.littlewood@manchester.ac.uk, 07810 056585

For more information about MIMIT visit: www.mimit.org.uk