About the Innovation Nexus

The Innovation Nexus was launched in October 2014 by Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network to provide a first port of call for healthcare businesses with innovations that could benefit the NHS. Through the Innovation Nexus, we aimÿto provide an effective interface between the NHS and industryÿacross a population level health ecosystem in order to deliver health benefits to our citizens and actively enable business growth and competiveness for our industry partners.

The Innovation Nexus comprises a web portal containing general information and guidance on relevant topics, backed by a team of NHS experts who can provide specific support to individual companies that meet the GM AHSN priority criteria, alongside a well-developed group of partners and Innovation Nexus Associates who come together to provide the full range of support to the bio health industry sector. Our infographic below explains how this works:

About the GM AHSN

The Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) were established by NHS England following recommendations set out in the Department of Health?s publicationÿ?Innovation Health and Wealth, Accelerating Adoption and Diffusion in the NHS?. The AHSNs aim to improve patient and population health outcomes in their regions by improving the pace and scale of innovation adoption and diffusion in the NHS. The AHSNs will align education & training, clinical research, informatics, innovation and healthcare delivery. More information on the AHSNs:

NHS England:ÿAcademic Health Science Networks

Innovation Health and Wealth, Accelerating Adoption and Diffusion in the NHSÿ(pdf)

GM AHSN is a collaborative network of its member organisations, all the NHS organisations and higher education institutes acrossÿGreater Manchester, East Lancashire and East Cheshire in partnership with local authorities and industry. GM AHSN?s ambition is to deliver a step change in health outcomes and in how health expertise and spend can generate wealth for our local community. GM AHSN has established three work programmes: Health and Implementation, Research and Informatics, and Wealth and Industry. The Innovation Nexus has been developed as a part of the Wealth and Industry work programme.ÿRead more about the GM AHSN >>

?Helping business to work with the NHS is a key priority; through the Innovation Nexus we will support a systematic engagement between NHS and industry, with the aim of positioning the NHS as a more intelligent customer engaging with a more informed industry.?

Accessing expert advice

We are delighted to hear from companies with innovations that could benefit the health service and contribute to the improvement of the population?s health.

Companies wishing to submit an enquiry to the advisory service should complete the shortÿonline form. This should take less than 5 minutes. Once submitted your enquiry will be reviewed by a member of the GM AHSN advisory team and assessed for fit with the GM AHSN remit. You should receive immediate confirmation of receipt of your enquiry and should then hear back from a member of the team within 10 working days.ÿIf the GM AHSN is able to provide you with the advice you require you may be asked for more detailed information and/or invited to a meeting or teleconference (free of charge) with a member of the GM AHSN advisory team. Where it is not possible for the GM AHSN to offer support we will do our best to provide guidance as to where appropriate information or support can be found.

GM AHSN has a particular interest in supporting innovative SMEs operating in Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and East Cheshire.

GM AHSN?s current priority clinical areas are:

Primary priorities

  • cardiovascular health
  • patient safety (esp. medication error)
  • digital health/informatics

Secondary priorities

  • atrial fibrillation
  • chronic kidney disease
  • familial hypercholesterolaemia
  • EPaCCs (end of life care)
  • Orthopaedics

Companies who do not require support from the Innovation Nexus advisory team but who wish to engage with the GM AHSN for other purposes shouldÿcontact the GM AHSN head officeÿdirectly.

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