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Celebrating success in helping industry to do business with the NHS

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We aim to support company growth and engagement with the NHS in the Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and East Cheshire region. We provide support, advice and networking opportunities through a variety of activities.

Read our case studies for some examples of how we are supporting and helping SMEs.

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Case Studies

A cohort of nine Northwest SMEs, including seven based within the footprint of GM AHSN, have taken part in a unique programme to help them understand more about commercialising their health-related products and services. The ?Lifescience Launchpad? was organised by Bionow, as part of GM AHSN?s business engagement programme. Read more >>

Until Premaitha Health won its NHS contract for IONA?, pregnant women in the UK could only access non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) privately, and even then there was an anxious two-week wait for results. GM AHSN provided advice and support to Premaitha through its Innovation Nexus initiative. Read more >>

Osteoporotic fractures cause patients pain, disability, and can shorten life. Manchester-based Optasia Medical has received GM AHSN Innovation Nexus Accelerator programme funding to help it demonstrate how its SpineAnalyzer? software and its associated service offering can help optimise strategies for vertebral fracture case finding. Read more >>

Drinks manufacturers Sl? Drinks produce products for people who have dysphagia, a difficulty in swallowing. They were awarded by GM AHSN’s Technology Innovation Challenge, helping to support the clinical evaluation of their latest innovation, Slo Milkshakes. Read more >>

Cervical cancer is the 12th most common cancer in women in the UK; in 2011 around 3,100 new cases were diagnosed. More than three-quarters of all new cases are diagnosed in women aged 25-64, and it is the most common cancer in females under 35. Zilico?s ground-breaking ZedScan system offers quicker and more accurate detection of the early signs of cervical cancer, delivering results in real-time and enabling clinicians to improve patient management within the cervical cancer pathway. Read more >>

eLucid mHealth Ltd are pioneers in the development of disruptive software technology which has the capacity to deliver improved patient care within the healthcare system. The company creates and builds propriety medication adherence solutions ? using common technology to turn static medicine dispensing products into active systems that promote patient adherence, improve safety, and aid recovery. Read more >>

10,000 new patients a year are treated by the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine (MCGM) for rare diseases including cancers, developmental disorders and disabilities. 80% of rare diseases affect children.

MCGM?s laboratories at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT) was the first NHS genetics service to adopt genome DNA sequence analysis supported by SapientiaTM, a technology developed by UK company Congenica. Read more >>

The best blood transfused to a patient is an exact match ? their own blood, in fact. A Manchester company has developed a process to help hospitals easily re-use blood that patients lose during surgery, a move that has other benefits including the potential to further alleviate stress on donated stock. Read more >>

Free industry support from NHS experts

If you are a business with an innovative product or service that you believe has the potential to benefit the healthcare market, the Innovation Nexus can give you access a network of specialist advice and support.

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