Ignite Fund

The Health Innovation Manchester Funds have been established to support the introduction and adoption of needs-led, evidence-based innovations into our healthcare system within the Health Innovation Manchester footprint. This will improve the health of our citizens and also promote economic development and wealth creation through the growth of local businesses and jobs.

The Ignite Fund is designed to support early stage development of innovative solutions to identify unmet need within the GM AHSN area. Innovations that support the community and primary care are particularly encouraged.

The ignite fund is particularly aimed at collaborations led by HEI members with partners however applications from SMEs and NHS/Social Care are also welcome. Where an SME is part of the collaboration priority will be given to Greater Manchester based SMEs including inward investment companies who have a base in the GM area.

All applications must include involvement from an NHS or Social Care organisation from within the Health Innovation Manchester footprint.

Applicants must apply using the Innovation Nexus portal and SMEs are advised to complete an Innovation Nexus business enquiry (via the same link) prior to applying to the Innovation funds. The Ignite Fund is currently closed for applications.