GM AHSN Advisors

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GM AHSN Advisors

The GM AHSN team of advisors brings together expertise across all aspects of working with the NHS, from trials, evaluation and market needs analysis to procurement and adoption. If you are a business with an innovative product, service or technology that you believe has the potential to benefit the NHS, our team will be delighted to hear about your innovation and will provide bespoke advice on the steps you should be taking to progress your innovation and engage with the NHS. 

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Using the Advice Service

The Innovation Nexus advisory service operates through an enquiry management system that allows you to revisit your enquiry and submit additional information or questions to the advisors dealing with your request.

Submitting an enquiry to the advisory service does not take long but there are a few steps to take:

1. Use the link below to go to the GM AHSN’s application system

2. Create an account

3. Create a new submission (select the Innovation Nexus Enquiry option) and give it a name, e.g., your name or the name of your innovation

4. You will now see your enquiry dashboard. You can upload additional information e.g., documents or videos to support your enquiry. First complete the Innovation Nexus Registration Form – this will store your personal and company information for all future enquiries. To submit an enquiry click on the link for the Innovation Nexus Enquiry Questionnaire.

5. Once you have completed the questionnaire, return to the dashboard and click ‘Submit your enquiry‘.

Access the enquiry system >>

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The GM AHSN Advisory Team

We work closely with our partners and members to get you the help that you need.

The GM AHSN provides a dedicated procurement specialist to provide advice and support to SMEs and innovators on NHS procurement. Advice and guidance covering NHS engagement, clinical trials, evidence, market research, market access and adoption is provided by TRUSTECH, the North West NHS Innovation Hub with support from key partners such as the Greater Manchester Clinical Research Network.