Funding & Investment

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Funding & Investment

There are many sources and types of funding and investment available to develop products and services for the NHS. These can be categorised broadly as grants and investments.


There are many types of grants and they can be broadly categorised into grants that are given for early stage R&D type developmental work or later stage evaluation studies. Many grants are announced and awarded on a cyclical basis, i.e., bi-annual calls, or are announced and awarded on a short term and reactive manner to a current issue, i.e., Healthcare Associated Infections.  Some grants are regionally focused others are topic specific. The majority of the large grants are awarded by national charities and research councils, but other smaller awards are often awarded by local initiatives such as councils and discipline specific charities.

Knowledge of what grants are available is a full time occupation and some of the Innovation Nexus Associates can provide this knowledge.


Investments are provided by institutions or individuals to help develop products and services with an intention of paying back the investment with a return.

Like grants, investments range in size and scale from small investments from local investors and Business Angels to large Venture Capital organisations and Corporate Financiers.

Knowledge of what investments are available and the terms associated with them is a relatively complex business, however some of the Innovation Nexus Associates can provide this knowledge.

GM AHSN Innovation Funds

The GM AHSN has developed a suite of Innovation Funds to support and stimulate the development of innovative technologies. 

Find out more about:



Ignite Fund




Energise Fund




Momentum Fund

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